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Viper Remote Car Starter 4806V with up to 1 mile range and 2-way LED confirmation. Starting at $450.12 installed with CT sales tax*

At Sounds Incredible Mobile, we understand you may not always be able to see your vehicle when you’re remote starting it. You may be more than 500 ft away from your car which is why we offer Viper remote car starters.

Up to 1 mile range

If you work at a large facility such as a school campus, hospital or shopping plaza, you know what I’m talking about. With a traditional car starter, you basically have to be in the parking lot for the signal to reach and for you to see your car got the signal to start.

Maybe you’re a commuter and you take the train every day. How nice would it be to start your car 1/2 a mile away from your stop? With any of these parking situations, a 2-way extended range remote car starter would be desirable and beneficial.

Benefits of 2-way Extended Range Viper Remote Car Starters

Viper 4706V Responder LCD Remote Car Starter

Viper Remote Car Starter 4706V with up to 1-mile range and 2-way LCD confirmation. Starting at $503.25 installed with CT sales tax*

Unlike a typical entry level remote car starter, a 2-way model will actually confirm back to you the car got the signal to start.

If you can’t see your car when you’re remote starting it, how else would you know it received the signal and started?

With a 2-way Viper remote car starters such as the 4806V, the remote control will provide you with a green LED confirmation light and what I like to call a “happy tone” to let you know the vehicle started. If you’re too far away and out of range and the vehicle does not receive the signal, you will get a red light and error tone to let you know it didn’t start. The Viper 4706V provides 2-way confirmation via easily recognizable icons on the LCD screen.

With up to 1 mile in range, these 2-way Viper remote car starters are perfect for anyone who has to park pretty far away from their vehicle at home or at school or at work.

Unlimited Range – Start your car from your cell phone

Viper Smart Start - Start your car from your cell phone.

Viper Smart Start – Start your car from your cell phone.

If one mile doesn’t cut it, we do have unlimited range available. Lock, Unlock or Start your vehicle from anywhere in the world you have cell service or wifi with the Viper Smart Start.

The Viper Smart Start is a cellular accessory interface that can be added to our Avital or Viper remote car starters. In select vehicles which are considered “Remote Start Ready”, the option can be added with a simple remote starter interface.  A separate yearly service plan required.

To find out more about our extended range Viper remote car starters for your vehicle, contact us today for more details.

*Some vehicles require additional parts and/or labor. Contact us today with the year, make and model of your vehicle for an exact quote for your car.



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