Radar Detection Systems

9500ixSounds Incredible Mobile offers a variety of options for radar and laser detection along with laser shifting, also known as laser diffusing.  We carry several different models from both Escort and K40.

Whether you are looking for a reliable dash mounted radar detector that you can install yourself or for a more advanced, discreetly installed detector with laser shifting, Sounds Incredible Mobile has the options you need.

We can provide you the professional guidance you need in deciding which radar detector is right for you and professionally install the radar detector that suits your unique needs.

Are you interested in Radar Detection and Laser Diffusing? The award winning Escort 9500ci is a hidden radar detection and laser diffusing system that is stealthily installed in the vehicle. Inside the vehicle there is a small display and controller necessary for turning the system on and off and adjusting settings. We now have the ability to integrate the LCD display into the rear view mirror of select vehicles allowing for a cleaner, streamlined installation.


Even better, for select Mercedes and GM models, we can fully integrate controls and the display directly into the vehicle’s instrument cluster. Check out our youtube video for a demonstration.  Contact us for details and availability for your vehicle.